Our philosophy.
Our values.
Giovanni Simone
Acting well.
Acting fast.
Acting well. Acting fast.
That is what we do every day at our Law Firm. Understanding the situation in the shortest possible time is the most important thing to make the right choices and always give effective and decisive answers. This requires dynamism, determination and all the additional expertise acquired in twenty years of professional activity. At SLS we understand the client's problems and offer solutions thanks to a team specialising in the main Law fields.
The relationship
of trust.
The relationship of trust.
Trust is the essential element of each successful relation, and it is even more true when we talk about a relation between a client and his/her lawyer. For this reason, establishing and cultivating a personal relationship with those who come to us over time is our first concern.
Only by obtaining the utmost trust from our clients and protecting the entire sphere of their interests we we are able to carry out our tasks with the utmost competence and achieve truly effective results.
Up to date.
Or rather, a step forward.
Up to date. Or rather, a step forward.
In a world where news spread around the globe in a few seconds, social networks put in contact people living thousands of miles away, meetings are held by smartphone, it is impossible to think about law as something stationary and crystallized, standing outside of everything happening around.
Laws and regulations evolve quickly as well, so do the data transmission services available in Courts and Chancellor’s offices. For this reason, we keep ourselves constantly updated and we always pay the utmost attention to technological innovations, in order to offer our customers new services and new solutions to improve and protect their privacy more effectively.