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Over the years we have specialized in the main legal areas.
Thanks to decades-long relationships with leading banks, our Firm has gained significant experience in litigation management and out-of-court consulting, providing assistance on the main and current legal issues, as well as consulting in due diligence activities aimed at the acquisition and management of NPL and UTP. On behalf of various credit institutions and asset management companies, the Firm follows the entire credit management and recovery process in every phase, from the drafting of the enforcement order to the execution phase. The Firm's activities also cover the entire scope of activities in the sector, from the preparatory and implementation of new projects to the ordinary activities of intermediaries, as well as extraordinary operations, M&A and restructuring.
SLS, thanks to a team of professionals with multi-practice skills and consolidated experience, assists its clients in all matters relating to restructuring, bankruptcy law and, more generally, the business crisis, both in the extra-judicial and judicial fields. It provides its clients with comprehensive advice, identifying the most appropriate legal instruments for overcoming the crisis and, in the bankruptcy field, provides advice and assistance in situations of insolvency, extraordinary administration, composition with creditors and bankruptcy proceedings, assisting companies in crisis, financial and non-financial creditors, investment funds specialising in the acquisition of shareholdings or companies related to crisis contexts.
The assistance also includes the related activities of pure litigation, against directors and control bodies, actions for the claim of assets, liability actions, actions for revocation, sales of companies, actions for damages.
SLS provides assistance in the various areas of commercial and corporate law, particularly in extraordinary M&A transactions, corporate governance and the regulation of relations between shareholders, as well as in the reorganisation and restructuring of companies and corporate groups. The Firm is addressed to all the key players in the corporate world, both Italian and foreign, including institutional investors, investment funds, listed issuers, large companies and SMEs, family offices and private clients.
SLS provides legal advice and assistance both in litigation and pre-litigation, in the following areas of civil law: contracts (legal assistance and advice for the drafting and revision of contracts of sale, lease, residential use, commercial use, contracts, loan, insurance, etc. ...); rights in rem (property rights, guarantee rights, usufruct, etc. ...); inheritance law (assistance and advice in inheritance law, assistance in inheritance and disputes, advice on donations, etc...); family law and child protection (legal and judicial separation, joint and judicial divorce, legal fellowship, separation of property and assets, litigation on custody of the child, etc...).
SLS provides advice and assistance in the areas of corporate, bankruptcy and financial criminal law, as an appropriate and necessary corollary of the assistance provided with regard to the civil law aspects of the same issues faced by the entrepreneur. In the field of corporate criminal law, SLS assists the entrepreneur in proceedings concerning corporate crimes, bankruptcy crimes and banking crimes.
SLS provides advice and assistance on issues related to labour law, from labour contract litigation to the management of personnel reorganisation programmes, from consultancy on national and international outsourcing agreements to the resolution of issues related to redundancies and staff reduction.
SLS provides out-of-court and legal advice and assistance in the management, transfer and protection of intangible assets of companies, including trademarks, patents, geographical indications, industrial design, domain names and copyrights. Our expertise includes, among others: protection, management and defence of all industrial property assets (e.g. trademark protection, trademark transfer, patent transfer); protection, management and defence of copyrights (copyright protection) and related rights; actions relating to the usurpation of domain names; protection, management and defence of know-how and trade secrets and trademark clearance activities.
SLS provides assistance and advice in energy law and, in particular, in the field of oil & gas and renewable energies, thanks to a strongly interdisciplinary approach. SLS coordinates negotiations and the preparation of contracts for the procurement and supply of raw materials, relations with public administrations and the Energy Authority, the establishment of joint ventures and special purpose companies with industrial operators, prepares projects financing, resolves specific issues related to the energy market, related regulations and possible litigation.
SLS provides legal assistance in all areas of the sports sector and in all phases from the negotiation and preparation of contracts - licensing, sponsorship, supply, marketing agreements - to litigation before Italian and foreign judicial and arbitration authorities. The Firm assists teams, sports federations, sponsors and sports event organizers, as well as individual athletes.